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JUST LAUNCHED, with Patent-Pending Technology

The "Quit Smoking Start Now" smoking cessation app is a program designed to strongly promote and increase your willpower and resolve to quit smoking, plus, offers a unique "panic-button" feature to aid in preventing a relapse after you have quit. The app is intuitive and easy to use.

The program is based on solid psychological principles, brain science research, behavioral modification theory and patent-pending technology are all incorporated into the app to promote, strengthen and enhance a smoker's will and resolve to quit, and, elicit and enhance the power of the brain to materially increase the efficacy and the success of the program.

The critical and unique core of the program is the novel countdown mechanism, based on the power of randomly generated signals to break the psychological and social cues that trigger the "light-up" process.

No smoking cessation app is more effective or based on more solid scientific principles. Our program is unique and it will work with your own willpower and intent to help you quit smoking for life.

Special Price, $.99, regular price will be $2.99.

Download it today from the Android Market.

Available in Android Market

In the Media

Keeping your New Year's resolutions? The Philadelphia Daily News' Jonathan Takiff wrote a great article about smartphone apps helping you keep your resolve. Read "Tools to help your resolution live past the new year."

Philly Daily News

We are the first app mentioned!


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Smoking Cessation in the News

Public Health Experts Recomend Mobile Smoking Apps

The independent Community Preventive Services Task force, appointed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), now recommends mobile telephone-based intervention for smokers interested in quitting. This recommendation is based on findings from six research studies.


Summary page- http://www.thecommunityguide.org/tobacco/cessation/mobilephone.html

Rational statement- http://www.thecommunityguide.org/tobacco/cessation/RRmobilephone.html